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Delegate's Corner

NOTE:  Don't use this one until we put it in the private area

    Utah Area Delegate – Panel 54, Watch Us Soar



Richfield – The day was packed with fellowship, fun, food and information that our delegate brought back from the World Service Conference.   

As always, financial support of WSO is a big conversation.  Patrick had a table tent that showed the prices of coffee, gasoline, and bread in the years 1951, 1982, 1992, and 2015.  It’s a real eye opener to see how prices have increased through the years but the average donations have not.  If you want to download a copy of this table tent to take to your meetings, click here.


Public Outreach was also a discussion since the more people we attract, the more support we will have gained for Al-Anon.  Workshops will be in various location throughout the state.  Check the “Upcoming Events” section of the web for more information as it becomes available.


There were other items as well and the GRs will be carrying the message to their groups in the coming weeks.  The conference summary that WSO publishes each year will be available some time in August from the main website:


Patrick will be stepping down as delegate at the end of the year so we will be selecting a new delegate at the upcoming Fall Assembly.   He leaves pretty big shoes to fill and we thank him for his service, his dedication, and his sense of fun as shown in the picture here.